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Which field of mathematics do you suggest?

  1. Jul 17, 2009 #1
    i will consult master programme ,there are a few fields of math in the university which i can study.This fields are geometry,topology,functional theory and analysis,algebra and number theory and the last one applied mathematics.
    Actually i don't know exactly what do this fields deal with or what can be done in this fields so i want to ask you which one should i prefer?which one is more popular in today's world ?

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    I don't know where you live or where you are contemplating attending college but most colleges that I know discourage choosing a major before the second year in college (you may probably have an idea as to whether you want to go into a science or humanities or business before then but shouldn't make a decision as to what specific major until then). I would not expect a person to decide which specific field of mathematics to go into until late in a math major or in Graduate School.
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    What were your favourite math classes and material when you were an undergrad? Some more info about yourself would help with an answer.
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    i would like to use math in daily life ,i would like to model the problems in life with mathematic i mean i wanna use math efficiently in daily life of course i don't mean addition,sustraction... i mean when i encountered with a complicated problem i might solve it ,actually i think i feel myself near to applied math more than other fields but as i said at first post i don't know exactly what do this fields of math deal with? i don't even know that things above i mentioned is related with applied math or not

    in addition to i liked differential equations and complex analysis at undergraduate
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