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Which is the densest star and how much does it bend light rays?

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    Can someone tell me how much does a light ray bend when it passes over the surface of the densest star known?

    Is it like 1 degree, or more like 30 degrees?

    Please leave out black holes, this question is about normal stars, the densest one that is known.

    Is Sirius the densest normal star known?
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    I believe the densest type of star would be a neutron star. Not sure about what the limits of the mass of such a star would be and that is qhat is needed to determine the maximum amount of deflection.

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    It can be shown that an onion-like distribution of mass is equivalent to a point mass (ie the field it produces outside is identical to that of a point mass, shell theorem). Therefore, if I give you the radius of a star, and its mass, can you work out the deflection?

    If yes, would that be a numerical calculation or it can be done analytically too, in approximation?
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