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Which language for aerospace industry

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    i want to learn a second language but i need ur advice what you think about the secondary language is better in this industry. i am in trouble with german, french and spanish. german seems closer but i want to ask you, too. thanks for ur care..
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    Gonna throw French into the picture, purely based on Airbus.
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    Either German or french if you're in Europe(i'm assuming you are since you're asking). If you speak one of those two, you're probably in good shape, at least thats the impression i get from a few aerospace engineering majors I know that have been looking at jobs with airbus potentially.
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    :rofl: :rofl:
    Spanish? Ok, we are partners (up to 10%) of EADS, but it does not imply spanish is spoken in aerospace industry. We are also partners of ESA (5%), but it's negligible compared with the cake piece of Germany, France and GB in european aerospace industry. For instance, the two official languages of ESA are english and french.
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    post WW2 it was german




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