Which of these should I take before Grad School?

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I am currently a Mechanical Engineering major (freshman) looking to eventually go into Nuclear Engineering, specifically fission or fusion power production. My school only offers a Nuclear Engineering minor so only a few classes. So is this necesarily a bad thing? If I want to head into power, then do I really need to take any classes on things such as biological effects of radiation, etc. Can I just take maybe 4-5 classes on what I plan to concentrate in and just ignore the rest of what is usually in a Nuclear Engineering undergraduate program?

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I am assuming your school doesn't have a nuclear engineering program because that would be the obvious thing to do.

If it doesn't you would probably be fine with just a minor. Mechanical engineering is pretty broad so mechanical engineers can work in a lot of different fields. So definitely take as many courses as you can for the minor. Other subjects that are likely relevant include fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer so you might want to take advanced courses in these subjects if they are offered. You may also want to look into courses in the physics department.

As for "Biological Effects of Radiation" that obviously depends on whether or not that is the kind of thing you are interested in. If not, then don't take it.

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