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Which one earns more money: free iOS app or free iPhone app?

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    Which one makes more money: free iOS app or free iPhone app?
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    Aren't both offered through the itunes store? What's the difference?
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    I don't know.
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    What is your real question? iPhone app is iOS. Also how can you earn money if it's free? Are you thinking in-app purchasing?
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    Yes, I'm thinking in-app purchasing. I thinking about making a free game app.
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    So after making a free game app, do I go to the Apple Store to submit it?
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    So after making a free game app, I have to create a developer account, and then?
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    Create the app information in itunes connect via your developer account then upload the app via Apple Application Loader. Then wait 5 days for it to be reviewed.
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    And then? How do I get my income?
  13. Dec 4, 2014 #12
    Just read what is there. Apple (and Google) document pretty much every single comma of monetization, we are not lawyers. You wanted to make a free app, now you need micro-transactions, phishing (I did not type that), ads or something else to get money from it.
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    Suggesting "* for Dummies" never sounds right. A friend almost got fired because of this.
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    Should I learn Objective-C for developing iOS game app?
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    It seems by far the most common choice. Although I really think that there are alternatives, coding for iOS or Android is not completely language agnostic. You need to pick one that has a big enough user base and that is well supported. It basically narrows down to C# (MS), Java (Google) and O-C (Apple).
  18. Jan 5, 2015 #17
    That's the sort of company that makes a bad employer. He might want to think about moving up in the world.
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