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Which single Board Computer comes with Freescale SoC?

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    Hello, I'm looking for advanced single board computer supporting Android and Linux OS based on the Freescale SoC. I would like to hear any recommendations from users who have had experiences with them.
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    There are few single board computers which support Android as well as Linux OS, Toradex customized single board computer are off-the-shelf embedded platform that consists of a Computer on Module (COM) and a carrier board. The platform can be scaled up to accommodate future requirements by switching to another pin-compatible COM based on latest processors. You can choose any COM and a compatible carrier board, to create a customized SBC that is tuned to your needs. These platforms can be used for both engineering development and mass-production.

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    Hi Jedishfru,

    Thanks for the response. Does it supports Android?
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    Hey Matthew,

    Thanks for the response. I would like to know more about customize part? How does this works!
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    Hi Matthewtx,

    Is this ARM powered single board computers?
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    Yes Martin, They are ARM based Single Board Computers with various price, I/Os, processors, size and operating systems. You can choose any System on Module/Computer on Module and a compatible carrier board, to create a Singe Board Computer that is tuned to your needs.
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