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Which type of wire to use

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    Hi guys :)

    I just wanted to ask you guys something. I am building a impulse voltage generator and it will be powered using a transformer and a rectifier that can handle up to 140kV. I just wanted to ask you guys, my job is to build a 1.25nF capacitor, one 180 ohm resistor, one 2667 ohm resistor and a spark gap. Ill upload the circuit to the thread. I wanted to ask you guys, what kind of wire can i use to connect the resistors to a pipe with a metal cap that will be used in the circuit?. Ill upload some pictures so you guys have a better idea. I believe the current will be 50mA. This project will be my final year project to complete my Electrical and Electronic Engineering bachelors :) I will not be doing any tests without my supervisor so do not worry.

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    According to that table, you are good down to 24g. If it were me, I'd buy some 12g hookup wire or speaker wire (stranded vs solid won't matter) and use that.
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    wire size wont be the issue ... insulation will be
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    This is something you should bring up with them, not bring up to an online forum.

    Thread locked for safety reasons.
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