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Who took the GRE Subject Math Test ?

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    Who took the GRE Subject Math Test ??

    I am going to take the GRE Math next Saturday, I would like to ask you ..

    Did the practice test posted in the ETS site resemble well the real test you have took ? Is it more difficult or less .. ?

    Did the Princeton review ( Cracking the GRE Math) help you enough ? Are the review questions similar to the real test ?
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    Re: Who took the GRE Subject Math Test ??

    i am going to give the GRE math in april. how can i prepare for the best. there is very less material online. can u please guide me.
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    Re: Who took the GRE Subject Math Test ??

    Arslan Asim,

    It's probably better to start new threads for this kind of thing rather than resurrecting some ancient dead thread.

    There is a forum for discussing the math GRE:


    There are 4 sample tests you can find online if you look (including the one ETS gives you when you register).

    The consensus among those of us who took the test in November seems to be that it was much harder than we expected by the sample tests. The problems are conceptually easy, but the difficulty is TIME. Some problems require lengthy (lengthy considering you can only afford to spend 2-3 minutes on each problem) and mistake prone calculations. I did not have time to give attention to every problem and left many blank.

    My main advice, assuming you have a reasonable undergraduate math background, is to prepare by focusing on solving fairly simple problems quickly. And when you take the actual test, just work calmly and steadily. Don't freak out if it doesn't seem to be going well.

    By the way, a note on language: you will be *taking* the test, not giving it.
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