Who’s Life is My Life?

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Do you think your life belongs to you or… ?

Who’s Life is My Life?
To understand this apparent paradox, we need a broader perspective. The fact of the matter is that today, as the seven-continent-wide show Live Earth so beautifully demonstrated, we are all interdependent. To save our own lives, and the lives of our children we need to co-operate. However, we will not want to co-operate unless we know what for. We need to understand the reason we exist, the meaning of our lives, and from that derive motivation for positive global action.

Agree, disagree?



"Only a life lived for others is worth living"


If you believe your life belongs to someone other than self then you believe you are a slave to that other--be it another person, society, god, etc. I do not so believe.

Imo, united global action by humans will not occur until we are visited by beings from another planet--then humans will form a new mythology to explain the meaning of living on earth. Humans always unite to cause extinction of species that compete with them for limited resources, and/or are more powerful. Global warming will not unite humans because some populations will benefit at expense of others.
We all breath the same air, drink the same water. Chances are some of Attila the Hun's atoms are in my body. We are social animals who cannot live independently from each other. We all belong to ourselves and, at the same time, to each other and the world we share.
well if you consider the Simulation Hypothesis [for any single universe with life there will be vast numbers- perhaps infinite- hypercomputers running physically equivalent simulations of large parts of that universe and others- so statistically any observer is vastly more likely to be part of an artificial simulation than in a 'natural' world] an intersting twist would be that you are not you at all- but someone else role-playing as you to experience your life- they could easily edit their memories and personalities to temporarily play you- and there is no way to know if you just started playing today- or perhaps you have been playing for the whole life of the person you are inhabiting- or you could have copied yourself and you are playing MANY people- such as your own wife and children- or EVERYONE so maybe you have been role-playing for millenia- you and your spouse might switch places every night- chew on that
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