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Why did my glass bottle explode?

  1. Jan 28, 2016 #1
    Five days ago, I filled a glass 2L bottle about halfway with litchis, then filled the bottle with water till the end and sealed it with its cap. I was curious to see how it decomposes in there. This morning, about 1/7th of the water was lying in a puddle around the bottle. I could see gas escaping from the litchis as a result of the decomposing redox reaction (correct me if I'm wrong). Even though I turned the cap as tightly as I could, it seems that there was enough pressure building up and enough of an opening between the cap and the bottle for quite an amount of water to escape. I then lifted the bottle up and all of a sudden the bottom of the bottle simply breaks off the bottle, resulting in all the water and litchis falling down on my carpet.

    This means there was quite some pressure that was building up in the bottle. I suspect that the gas was building up in the top of the bottle and was pushing the water down, and as soon as I lifted the bottle, it simply pushed the bottom to break. But what I find strange is that water was able to leak out despite the lid, so I would expect that the gas, which is much less dense than the water, to also leak out. Instead it was able to build up to such a level that it broke the bottle.

    Could someone explain to me what happened here?
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    It's more likely that the bottle cracked and leaked at the bottom. When you picked it up, it completely separated.
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