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Why did Nokia discontinued slide phones?

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    I had always used very low cost phones with minimal features. Finally, I've set my eyes upon something expensive. Its Nokia 6700 slide. I WANT this phone. Sad thing is Nokia discontinued it alongside Nokia 6600i slide, Nokia n86 8mp etc.

    When I wanted a multi-feature phone, I looked for >5MP camera with autofocus and NO touchscreen. I hate touchscreens and so called smartphones. I want my phone with metallic finish and slide keypad (No QWERTY). I'm not going to settle for anything less. :grumpy:

    Why did Nokia discontinue slide phones? Why?
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    Slide, flip, swivel etc all those old phone designs are out if not heading out because they're not as popular as the standard touchscreen of a smartphone. Touchscreens I guess are more versatile (can rotate for instance), require less moving parts and take up less space.

    Have you tried eBay, gumtree etc to see if you can get one there?
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