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Why do superior mirages sometimes appear upright?

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    I know that image inversion is a property of all mirages, and that should mean that mirages should appear upside down right?

    But I found out that superior mirages can sometimes be upright as well as upside down. How can this be? Is there some reason that allows superior mirages to alleviate their initial inversion, or do superior mirages that appear upright never get inverted in the first place?

    Can you please explain the physics of this phenomenon in detail and why this happens. Please include credible sources in your answer as well thanks :)
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    Is this a schoolwork/homework question?
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    You can find much of this information online by google search. One such example is this site:


    My suggestion is to do your research first before asking for help here. Remember we can't do your homework or paper assignment for you but can only guide you toward your answer.

    With that said, we are closing the thread.
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