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Why do we want to know how much a charge can be stored /V?

  1. Oct 28, 2015 #1
    Why do we want to know how much a charge can be stored per volt?
    What has the voltage to do with the storage of charge in a capacitor?
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    What is your motivation for asking these questions?

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    I am reading about electric field, capacitors and capacitans. And I got stuck in the part where it explained about the capacitans, this was the explanation about the capacitans: "How much charge the capacitor can store per volt".
    As I have understood voltage can be seen as pressure. Why is it so that the capactians is what stores the charges per voltage? The way I see it is that the amount of charge is what makes voltage. Without charge there would be no voltage. If these two are in relation then why do we want to know how much charge can be stored in voltage?
    The way they are explaining it makes it sound as these two are two separate entities. I am not sure if I have made myself clear.
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    It doesn't matter which comes first, the voltage or the charge. The more charge you store, the higher the voltage.

    Blow up a balloon half way. Now, to blow more air in the balloon, you need more pressure.
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    Thank you, I understand now. Your example made it clear.
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