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Why does hot food taste better?

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    I'm eating some chinese food now. About 2 minutes ago it was hot and tasted good, now it's just kind of warm and isn't as appealing. Why is that?
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    Hot food releases more aroma? Also, fat would tend to solidfy when cooler affecting taste and texture?

    Why do some foods taste better cold? I wouldn't want hot watermelon.
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    Maybe, you have already satisfied your hunger? Or it could be some kind of internal instict developed over 1000's of years of food poison? Kind of like, why do strawberries taste better than poisonous berries.

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    I was still plenty hungry, and even if you were starving, do you think cold hoo-nan chicken would taste all that good? There has to be a reason that most people like certain foods at certain temperatures. Warm water tastes disgusting. Pastries taste good warm or room temperature, fruit usually tastes better cold, entre's usually taste better hot (cold steak with cold broccoli and a cold potato wouldn't be good). Oh god, if only people with minds like Newton had dedicated themselves to solving these little annoying mysteries.
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    Do they?

    Why warm food tastes better? Because of the nurturing factor, like taking a hot shower. But only in winter though, when it is hot outside you won't be having a steaming dinner, but instead you'd add some hot peppers :)
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