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Why humans are Gods

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    From an ant's perspective, we are Gods. A human could dig up an ant colony and place it on the other side of the Earth very easily.

    From a golden age human's perspective, 21st century humans are Gods. A 21st century human can fly, can levitate objects with magnetism, can make machines magically move with electricity.

    From a 21st century human's perspective, 50th century humans are Gods. A 50th century human can teleport instantly anywhere, can telekinetically move objects through space, can read your mind by observing glucose concentrations in various niches of your brain.

    From a 50th century human's perspective, God is God. Or is he?

    From God's perspective, an ant is God? When does a loop finish and a dog's nose touch his tail?
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    Gawd, not another "If a tree falls in a forest..." geeze-Louise infinity question...
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    Ant's perspective?

    It is possible that if an ant had a 'perspective' it would be that humans are not Gods but that humans are more like Demons that wreck his world.

    Unfortunately, it is impossibe and will remain impossible for any Real Life Form on this planet to evolve to the God attributes of ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING, AND ALL PRESENT. This kind of God is not composed of anything that can evolve.

    Hopefully, 50th century humans (if humans survive) will become more like gods, but humans will never become like God.
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    I saw it as more of a simplistic example of scales of magnitude. The religious overtones were not intended, and yes I know God by definition is immortal, omnipotent and all that jazz. I merely wanted to illustrate a point that perspectives shift with time, and the impossible becomes possible and that some 'powers' that were thought 'Godly' in the past, are currently trivial. For this reason then, we must except the future triviality of what find exclusively within 'Godly' power today. That is all. We will be immortal soon thanks to Crick and Watson.
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    What has this post to do with the topic of this forum?
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    Is it perhaps brought up in Parallel Worlds? I haven't read it yet (though I recently bought it--im reading Visions right now though).

    There was a quote from the movie X-Men made by the antagonist "Magneto" who said to another character: "You are a god among ants."

    Perspectives are interesting, simply because a perspective represents an individual's lack of information/knowledge. People consider the concept of "god" as being entirely more than anything that can possibly be percieved because people do not and cannot understand the full encompassment of the concept of "god." If an ant could percieve humans in a "conscious" manner, they could consider humans to be "gods" because they do not fully understand humans. If they could fully understand humans and all their capabilities, they could conclude that there must be something greater than humans. Similarly, if humans could possibly understand "god" and all the capabilities of "god," humans could conclude that there must be something more than "god." God, by nature and concept, must not be able to be understood to any complete manner in an individual's perspective. Otherwise, surely humans could consider "god" to be great and powerful, but not all there is. When something becomes understandable, it becomes mere. "Whenever people learn something sufficiently well, they cease to be aware of it." ~ Mark Weiser

    http://community.middlebury.edu/~briggs/Courses/FYS029/WeiserSciAm.htm [Broken]

    The concept of "god" stretches to infinities for whatever you are considering (omnipotence, omipresence, omniscience, etc). Human mentalities don't work well with infinities because people have generally come to the conclusion that nothing is infinite (humans, planets, universes, all coming to ends). This makes becoming a true "god," in its respective concept, impossible as long as things remain finite (even the human race is questioned for its continued existence and prevalence).

    Humans continue on their aspiration towards becoming "more like god" in terms of capabilities. But humans should also realize that no matter how advanced they become, they are always limited by their own invention, whereas the golden concept of "god" is that which is unlimited and unbound, absolute, completely independent of anything and everything. A 50th century human would be completely dependent on his/her technologies to make them "more like a god." If they are stripped of all their advancements besides their own mind and body, they are defenseless and unable to attain any placement in steps towards being "like a god" besides information they might know. Always being dependent (is there some way that a human could be born with the ability to freely manipulate space, time, and multiple dimensions?), humans cannot be "like god."
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    Here's my $.02, god must exist and my proof is a classical circular argument.

    In order to prove or disprove the existence of god, we must travel to and observe all possible places at all possible times simultaneously.

    If God exists, by this means we shall find God. If not, then by the time we find out, we shall have become omnipotent and all knowing, therefore we, by definition, shall have become god.

    Problem solved.

    BTW, the original post is also a form of circular logic. As such, it is automatically highly suspect. But as Einstein proved with brownian motion, circular logic is sometimes correct.
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    From a scientific view, God (or if you prefer to call it a Higher Power) is/has the answer to unsolved questions. Human mind want answers on all qeastions and when we don't have them, it's God who is "the creator of it" and he has the answer, so we will be below God as long as we have question without answers... and as we all know: every time we find the answer of a question, we get like 100 new questions to answer, so theoretically we will never learn everything... and hypothetically - if we would want to know EVERYTHING - we have to know it from the very beginning, so that no questions ever arise, that causes 100 new questions.

    conclusion: since we will always have questions without answers, we will never reach the stage where we would think of ourselves as God (except those persons who reaches insanity ;))
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    the word "God" is not the correct word to use in the first post or you need to include "seemingly" to qualify the argument.
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    If you want to see god, look in the mirror. Everything "exists" in our minds. And most of us barely utilize the power of the human brain.
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    Ah, but the human is only a God in the mind of the ant, so you have to go inside the mind of the ant to find the man to which it is God, which is much smaller than the ant. And to man, future man is God only in the mind of present man, which is the mind of the man in the mind of the ant. So everything is in the mind of the ant, therefore the ant is God. So God, the ant, created man, Adam, in his own image, but because mirrors were an invention of man and man is in the mind of the ant, the ant created man in the image of man, which is God to the ant so God is still creating man in God's image. Hence Adam Ant was the first man.
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    Quod erat confusimum.
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    :rofl: :rofl:
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    I completely disagree. Man can easily acheive a state of "godhood". Science will one day create the "longevity vacine" which will tell our cells not to die. Medicine will some day get to the point that death itself will not matter to the physician. We are on a path that will lead us to the cliff of immortality. I do not think we will ever claim to be gods, yet gods we will be.
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    its like that joke:
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    lol i like that, havnt heard it before, but i like it.
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    I think Chaos has a point. When God created man, I don't think he knew we'd become quite like we are today. Eve was never supposed to partake from the Tree, but she did, and look where we are. So, God might have seen ants as a race that merely exists to serve its purpose (building) and respects that.
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    but then the aliens will come down and swoop up the vaccine...leaving us to die..
    what exactly is the perspective of ants of us can anyone know? Its like comparing us to the CNEtower.imagine living amongst the world of CNEtowers.
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