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Why i have headaches when using new glasess

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    Why i encounter it? I have been changing my glasses today. Google said it was because eyestrain "asthenopia" thag happen in eye lens. But i want to ask some real opinion not just a description. Have you ever encounter it too? How long it occured ?
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    A friend of mine experienced it once. The cause has been a slightly wrong adjustment. So it might be the case, that the glasses don't really match your needs, which can have multiple reasons: wrong dioptre (±0.25), wrong angles, and whatever plays a role. Headaches can result from the permanent endeavor by your eyes to correct it. I recommend to get a second measurement by another optician.
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    And how about your friend? Did he/she get second presribction?
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    I have cylinders 0.25 but i feel dizzy when they add that to my
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    We do not give medical advice, and you should not seek medical advice from anonymous internet forums. Consult the professional who issued the prescription for those glasses.

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