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Why Is Isolated Neutral Preferred In Some Generators?

  1. Aug 23, 2011 #1
    Dear engineers,

    I need your help in analyzing this query:

    Our plant consists of 11x 635 KW, 415V Waukesha gensets, 2 x 3.5MW,11KV wartsila gensets, 11 KV main bus for synchronization & 10 MW,11KV, 50 Hz gas turbine. The neutral of gas turbine is earthed against the manufacturers recommendations.

    Now, a 2.7MV, 11KV, 50 Hz steam Turbine is being added to the system whose neutral is recommended to be earthed. but before taking this action the Neutral of existing Gas Turbine is to be un-earthed.

    So, Under which conditions the Neutral of a generator should be earthed & what are the conditions when "isolated neutral" is recommended?

    I am not asking from manufacturer's point of view but I am simply asking from synchronization point of view. Any questions will be welcomed!

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