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Why is my TV better in the rain?

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    Why is my TV better in the rain??

    Ok, there is a TV channel that usually has really crappy reception. But dad noticed that it picks up whenever it rains. I looked at him funny the first time, but on a dry day he went and sprayed it with the hose and presto, reception instantly improves.

    Ideas anyone? I have nothing.
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    What exactly did he spray?
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    Water comes out of the hose, I dont know what you call it. :)
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    Ummm, no. Did he spray water in the air? On the TV itself? What are you talking about?
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    He sprayed water on the outdoor antenna. It might have something to do with a) the connector linking the antenna to the antenna wire, or b) to a retuning effect on the antenna itself.
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    Yeah sorry, didnt make that clear enough. No one sprayed anything on the tv itself.
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    Is it possible that the film of water on the outside of the antenna just increases the antenna's ability to resonate at that specific frequency?
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    It sounds like the impedance characteristics of the TV antenna, did change with addition of moisture.
    This would certainly affect its resonance. I have noticed in operating transmit/receive antennae, they behave differently (greater change in SWR), on rainy days versus dry weather.
    For morry's TV antenna, it is a coincidence that the change of resonance shifted in the direction of the desired TV channel. :rolleyes:
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