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Why same object but different space can't be touch?

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    Hello, Chitose wonder chick again.

    I watch serval sci-fi movie and some of It say about theory about same matter in different time.
    like... If I traval back in time and meet myself in the past, I must not touch him. If I do, it will cause some chaos.

    I wonder why?

    I know It pure fantasy but It must base on some actual theory right?

    can anyone tell me?


    PS. English is not my native language, forgive me If I wrong in gramma or spelling.
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    I believe JesseM is the resident expert, but he's on vacation this weekend, and usually works in the SR and GR forum.
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    Nope. It is total fiction. Nothing more than a plot device.
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    Yeah, you can touch yourself if you go back in time. But don't murder your grandfather before your father was born!

    Time, Closed Timelike Curves and Causality
    Francisco Lobo, Paulo Crawford
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    I though It's about same electromanatic pules to suck eachother or some thing like that...

    So it's just a plot huh.

    Too bad:frown:
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    Unless you were supposed to, then by all means don't not do it!
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