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Why temp hot at top?

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    CAn you tell me why will the temperature of the surface will be hotter at the top on the blub rathen than on the side?
    thank you
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    No, we cannot tell you why the top might be hotter then the sides. Why? Simply because you have not provided enough information to even guess. If you want meaningful help with this project you will need to post a detailed discription of your appratus, your methods and your goals.

    Further, I would appriciate it if you would use a single thread rather then starting a new one for each question.

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    alright i am sorry

    Is it because "The tungsten filament evaporates more rapidly as the temperature of the filament goes up. The evaporated tungsten particles tend to deposit on the glass envelope, causing over time, an increase in light absorption. Eventually, the filament material will evaporate enough to cause the filament to break, completely ending the life of the lamp."

    i am doing an investigation to find the relationship between power and temperature?

    need to find the surface temperature, also can u tell me how the graph would look like for the power and temperature. will it be as power increase the temperature decrease?

    thanks and i am sorry for the 2 post
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