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Why the inner component is not experienced eletrical force from the outter?

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    If u have conducting spherical which is not hollow. We know from guass law that the outter component is experienced electrical force from the inner component. But why the inner isn't experienced the force from the outter. Please show and proof it in mathemetic and describe in the qualitative way. I really want to know this fact. Thank you very much
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    The qualitative answer lies in the geometry of the sphere and the inverse square law for electrical force:

    a)the sphere is symmetric in all directions.
    b)surface area growth of the sphere as you increase the radius goes as [tex]r^2[/tex].
    c) force of electrical forces goes as [tex]1/r^2[/tex]

    So the forces are there, they just cancel each other out geometrically.

    This is not the full mathematical proof; if this is a homework question then post in the homework forum.
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