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Why we dont feel the current from Earth wire?

  1. Feb 14, 2015 #1
    The earth wire carries current to the ground and we walk on the ground and the ground is a good conductor of electricity. So when we walk on the ground then how come we dont feel the current from the earth wire?
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    the earth wire doesn't carry current unless there is a fault with the equipment, tool, etc
    and if its working correctly the current flowing in the earth wire should be very brief till the main fuse blows

    if that doesn't answer your question, then you need to be much more clearer about the situation you are referring to

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    I think you are asking why we don't feel any current on the ground. The earth is a big place, so the current is dissipated.
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    Earth/earth wire provides path of much less resistance
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    As the others said, with normal wiring there are no significant currents in the earth to be felt.

    However, if a power line is knocked down by accident and touches the ground, it can be very dangerous to approach it. Stay 30-50 meters away.
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