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News Wikileaks empties the bucket.

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    I thought I told you kids to keep me up to date on the latest news of the day....

    I don't watch TV!

    bolding mine

    I thought it was odd that there was no mention of this at the forum. Did no one hear about it, or is the dirty laundry of world leaders too much like a bad reality show, and everyone one just turned off the TV?
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    I've turned off the show for the most part... That and the local papers have their heads shoved so far up their ***es that they don't even report it when a gay man gets beaten half to death here until writers send a million (apparently literally) letters telling them that they need to publish the story.

    Interesting nonetheless.
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    I like how, every time they mention diplomatic cables, they make it should like the world is ending... and as if every cable has been released. Maybe this is just me, and I lose interest after the first wave of news stories (all claiming the *entire* set of *insert new scandalous information here* has just been released, much to the chagrin of *insert your favorite politician/business/terrorist group here*).

    Back on topic: Kudos to wikileaks! Everytime this happens, several people I know proclaim "Death to wikileaks," "Those people are going to stop when we start killing them," "Those are stupid children," "A bunch of rapists are acting like brats," etc. Ignoring every other idea I might type down if I cared more, then, if nothing else, I support wikileaks to shove it in the face of those silly people that I know!

    *Goes off to shove this in the digital mailbox of those silly people he knows.*
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    I support Wikileaks in this. I've never believed that they are a terrorist organization, and believe that they are just exercising their first amendment rights to publish information that they receive in the name of journalism. Who gives them this information does not matter, because what Wikileaks does with the information is perfectly legal. If there's anyone who can be considered as "committing a crime", it's the whistleblower who passed the information on to Wikileaks, not the Wikileaks site itself.

    However, I do believe that the person who committed a crime should serve a sentence, under due process. Whether I believe the law should be changed or not is irrelevant; I believe that while the law is in force, it should be obeyed. I credit the person, though.

    EDIT: Just found out the Wikileaks servers are based in Sweden. For those of you who don't know, Sweden has some of the strongest anti-censorship laws in the world, So take that "first amendment right" thing and just switch it to the Swedish equivalent.
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    Just an afterthought after waking up this morning... :D

    Remember when Napster was the biggest problem the record companies had in terms of pirating? Remember how they all touted doomsday scenarios because of the new and evil napster?

    Yeah... it got a lot "worse" and yet the end hasn't come yet. There's now hundreds of different torrenting programs, sites, illegal download programs, etc. youtube downloader, bit-torrent, u-torrent, and piratebay are just a few examples of various pirating things.

    I'd say that between random joe's blog, people who do news like TheYoungTurks (not saying I agree with any of these guys just that their medium is not a newspaper or a channel on a T.V.), and Wikileaks, the world of news is changing, and whoever wishes to control the outflow of news that they don't like people hearing... well they're going to have to do something drastic.

    In other words: This is just the tip of the iceburg IMO. and yes, I support Wikileaks. The person (as stated by the poster above) who is responsible for leaking the information should probably be jailed - since that is the law - but wikileaks is just reporting what it sees.
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    i usually get news when i go looking for it, which can be irregular. for example, every time i dig for stuff on libya, i get more and more convinced it's got zero to do with "rebels".

    not sure i expect much from this wikileaks thing. if the bulk of the cables came from our bradley manning, then it's all low-level security stuff.


    oh, i see, The Guardian revealed the pass on the complete archives (which have been available in encrypted form for a long time now). collaborators may get burned and all that.
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    I believe if I'd released "SECRET/NOFORN" information to a foreign person while I was in the navy, I have the feeling they would have shot me.

    You can filter the communications by class, and I counted 50 on the first page, with 87 pages. That makes 4350 "SECRET/NOFORN" documents.
    Ha ha! It was all a mistake. And I find it funny that the players have been writing books about it.
    The password that spawned the flood was apparently in Leigh's book. (Publication Date: February 15, 2011)

    Not surprising that it took this long. Who reads books anymore?
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    There's another news outlet (person) that obtained all of the information, much to wikileaks distress, and the other news network started releasing the information ahead of Assange's *schedule*, took away his *insurance policiy* as he referred to it. <yawn>
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    I heard about it, but I didn't find it very newsy. Plus, people hold so strongly to factually wrong views on freedom of information, it's about as pointless as discussing religion. But I'll still say it again: believing something shouldn't be illegal does not, in reality, make it legal. You cannot change reality by wishing it.
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    I'll say. Al Jazeera is looking for volunteers:

    Powered by Google Docs.... That kind of strikes me as funny. I don't know why.

    But anyways,..... 250,000 documents!? That's like a freakin' encyclopaedia of governmental gossip.

    Maybe they haven't heard of the "https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome" [Broken]" system. I guess I'll have to e-mail Ahmed*.

    *Ahmed Sheikh (born 1949) is a Palestinian journalist and the current editor-in-chief of the Qatar-based television channel Al Jazeera.
    Ahmed Sheikh was born in Nablus on the West Bank. He left his homeland in 1968 to study in Jordan.

    Palestinian? hmmm...... Maybe this is why... Doh! Never mind. That "why don't they mention the ~9000 mortars shells" thread was locked. :eek:
    please don't ban me, please don't ban me...... :redface:
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