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Will absolute zero change with pressure?

  1. May 27, 2015 #1
    Say we are talking about an ideal gas.

    According to ideal gas law (PV=nRT), assuming the gas is now at absolute zero, if we further decrease the pressure of the environment, while keeping the container volume constant, will the gas goes under absolute zero?

    I wasn't an expert in Physics so please enlighten me... :sorry:
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    what is absolute 0 here
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    No, temperature cannot go below absolute zero.

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    till now emp. below 0K is not achieved
    the day we will achieve there will be a change in the eq.
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    Look at the equation again. For T=0, either V=0 or P=0. You can't get a negative temperature out of it, because you can't have negative pressure nor negative volume.
    In other words, you can't decrease pressure below no pressure, and you can't decrease volume below no volume, therefore you can't get negative temperature this way.
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