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A Will Constructor Theory achieve its' claimed Potential?

  1. Apr 12, 2017 #1
    Firstly an apology...I don't know what level my question should be aimed at and what forum it should be set in and I think that level A and Quantum Physics are as good as guesses as any. Moderator please moderate if necessary.

    It's about constructor theory, something that I wouldn't normally look at. However, a friend of mine is heavily into the subject and has sent me snippets of information about it. This is making me wonder if there's something interesting and potentially useful that may come from the theory.
    I thought that PF would be one place to look at, but on doing a question search it seems that very little attention is paid to the subject here. If the theory has the potential that the current authors suggest it has, it seems odd that it's apparently being widely ignored. Or is it being ignored? Have I been looking in the wrong places? Could it be that because the theory is in its early stages of development there is nothing concrete, as yet, to discuss?
    I would be interested to know if any members here are familiar with constructor theory and what their impressions are. Has it the potential to become a powerful theory? My present impressions of the theory are those of total bafflement ... I don't have a clue about what's going on. But things change.
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    Construction business is nice and useful, do you have a peer-reviewed article on the subject?
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    I agree, construction is generally useful and it can be nice and I could probably find loads of peer reviewed articles on it. However I'm not familiar yet with any peer reviewed articles on constructor theory. I will see what i can find.
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    I looked into this a while back, there doesn't seem to be that much information on it that I could find, and that info I did find seemed pretty vague. Most of the stuff seemed to be written by the main promoter of the theory and his students.

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