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Will humans need computers in the future?

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  1. Jul 11, 2004 #1
    Will humans "need" computers in the future?

    My question is will humans relay on computers so much in the future that they will think they can't live without them?

    Some people say we "need" them, but the first humans didn't.
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    The first humans didn't need wheels, either.
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    Looking back through the ages, advancements in technology have always been replaced by new advancements in technology. Therefore, it only makes since to conclude that the computer will someday be rendered obsolete. Compared to what? I don't know, but I'll make a wager on biological enhancements via genetic engineering. Afterall, who needs a computer when you can crunch googleplexes with your brain and communicate with everyone on Earth simoultaneously by sending radio signals with your own body?
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