Will this get me into Hollywood?

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In summary, the conversation is about someone trying to break into the film industry by creating a showreel. They have two videos, one directly addressing the camera and the other acting out an absurd scene. The person they are speaking to suggests focusing on the face-to-face camera audition and fully committing to pursuing a career in Hollywood. They also mention the harsh reality and competitiveness of the industry. The conversation then shifts to a new video where the person is attempting to make a fake surgery video and asks for feedback on how to make it more convincing. The conversation ends with someone asking for the sound to be turned up on the video.
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Greetings. I’m hoping to get into the film business and to that end I am assembling a showreel. I’ve got two pieces of video footage here, one showing me directly addressing the camera and the other acting out an absurd scene. I’d like your honest opinion on my efforts.

VIDEO 1 – A messege to all who have seen my earlier efforts
Video located here - http://rapidshare.de/files/1242871/messege.wmv.html

VIDEO 2 – A doll sheep bleats a plea to…well, you’ll see!
Video located here - http://rapidshare.de/files/1242912/sheeep.wmv.html
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I would go for the face to face camera audition instead. That means you, facing the camera and whatever emotions you can conjure up (say your little sheep passed away, and your girlfriend broke up with you at the same time then build up on that). You'd probably feel a bit silly but that's how I see actors do it.
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Also, getting anywhere in hollywood is pretty much like firing a gun into the air and hoping it lands in a bucket a mile away. Best suggestions are that you have to pretty much put your whole life into it if you do pursue the movie business (you won't be successful if you give it a half-hearted attempt like its a hobby). Also realize there's probably been tens of millions of people who tried to do teh same thing as you and you only hear of maybe 100 at the most actors current day actually making money in the movie business. Also, its a lot of BS, drugs, 'watching what you say', etc. Its like... trying to be popular as a junior high school student for the rest of your life lol.
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thanks very much for the advice. :smile:

i've made this too;-

In this latest effort I’m attempting to make a fake surgery video, to have people believe surgery is taking place. Is there anything I can do to make it more convincing??

Video found here - http://rapidshare.de/files/1257215/drgreen.wmv.html
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I was playing some incredibly loud music, and when I tried to play your video, I couldn't hear what was going on.
Can you crank the sound way up?

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Omega, I don't want to ruin your dreams. But The very fact that you're posting on this forum kind of proves you're too intelligent to get into hollywood. The masses won't buy it, you should take a few Timecube classes, then try again.

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