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Wind turbine cut in speed decrease.

  1. Aug 20, 2008 #1
    my aim is to lower the cut in speed of the horizontal turbines.
    I know wind speed has a brutal effect on turbine output,
    so I want to use horns to speed up air.

    I plan to put a horizontal axis turbine in the midle of the hexagon
    You see on the pic.

    Each side of the hexagon is like a horn.
    The intake has 2 times bigger area than the one faceing the turbine.
    My guess is wind speed will increase.. In theory 2 times,
    my best bet is 1,5 times..

    Is.. my plan worth a shot, what You people think?
    the intake side is 2m by 1 meter,
    annnd the area at the turbine is 1m by 1m.

    Will this help, or not?
    I can't decide if the plan is o.k. or not.

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  3. Aug 25, 2008 #2
    In fluid flow, drag is a much larger factor than pressure on the upstream side. You'd be better off to install the turbine at the small axis of a venturi with the downstream end of the venturi providing vacuum from the drag of wind moving past it than to try to jam more air volume into the inlet. Shape of the inlet bellmouth and taper of the outlet are critical but can be found many places online that deal with venturis.

    The ancients used this drag induced vacuum to provide draft to metal foundry fires located on windy hillsides.
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    The air velocity will increase approximately two times given the dimensions you described. However given your picture it seems that you have a vertical turbine and not a horizontal one. The cut in speed will be decreased, however this "venturi" that you have created will have many negative affects on the performance of the wind turbine throughout the rest of the operating wind speeds.
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