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Wind Turbine generator on a camper

  1. Apr 22, 2012 #1
    I am building a "Tiny Home" on an old camper travel trailer. I am using all recycled materials and any leftover building supplies I can find. I am going to use solar power to generate most of my electric power (lights, outlets, etc.). I am considering using a hybrid system and utilizing wind as well. I know all about the drag issues for generating power to run a car, that is not my desire but to be able to provide power in all weather situations without being on the grid. I want to know if there exists a horizontal wind turbine that will not cause a lot of drag and also be an effective source while sitting still and in motion.
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    Generating power and not producing drag are opposite goals. Generating power is what causes the drag! So it would be best to store the turbine and get the power directly from the car engine when in motion and use the turbine when parked.
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    For practical purposes Russ is right.

    But in general, if there is true wind, you can of course use a moving turbine to get wind energy out of it. You just have to make sure that you are slowing the air down relative to the ground (complicated to achieve automatically for all possible situations). On a windless day the moving turbine will inevitably speedup the air relative to the ground. Same goes for tailwind slower that car speed.
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