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Wondering what jobs are available

  1. Sep 2, 2011 #1
    I'm an about-to-be grade twelve student who is interested in physics and astronomy. I am taking math honours, physics, chemistry, and ap clalculus in my last year of high school. In university I plan on taking phyiscs, astrophysics, and astronomy. I, like many others, am looking for a future career in physics as it is my main subject of interest but I have no idea what jobs that could entail. I have done some reading of other topics on these forums to broaden my knowledge but did not find an answer. The thing is I am not looking to be a professor or engineer. I'm sort of lost as of what I could do for a living. Another problem is that I'm not super-enthusiastic about astronomy, in that I don't have a telescope nor do I know XXX constellations in the sky. The most I do is take physics courses, visit apod.nasa.gov often, and watch related shows on the discover channel (i.e. stephen hawking's Discover the Universe).

    If someone could help with some ideas that would be very helpful. I have tried to search some up but I keep finding the same professor/engineer results.
    Keep in mind that I will be dedicated to do this for a living, because 1) I am interested in literally nothing else 2) I do find it very interesting.
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    You are interested in physics, but are not interested in becoming a professor or engineer? What is it about those two professions that makes you not want to do them?
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    how about the education sector?
    -school teacher
    -private tutor
    -set up your own business making teaching materials on the topics you love

    just to list a few...
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    Interesting, eh.

    My guess is he doesn't know much about what being an engineer or a professor entails. Or he does and he also knows that the odds of being a professor aren't in his favour. But hey, it only takes one. ;)

    Maybe not everyone likes research? I haven't participated in any kind of research, ever. But I have done some *relatively* advanced maths (first order differential eq.) and I've liked it and because of that and the fact that I genuinely find maths and physics interesting, I'll study them. Pretty sure there's bucket loads of people like me. I was reading through older posts and a guy with bachelor's and master's degrees in maths and physics respectively, from Imperial (London), said he had no interest nor time to pursue a PhD but he just studied these subjects because he found them interesting. He works in investment banking, doing god knows what. (doubt it's anything very quantitative, considering he got the job after his BS, but you never know)

    Deja vu...

    While this definitely has its merits, it's gonna be hard to compete with this lil' dude http://khanacademy.org" [Broken].
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    True I do not know exactly what the jobs entail, because I'm still in high school so I haven't really met a professor. The reason why I didn't want to be a professor is that I am not very fond of teaching or public speaking. For engineering again, I don't know exactly what they do, but from just the sound of it (designing and building buildings, engines, etc.) doesn't peak my interest.
    Like I said before I'm more into the entire universe in "physics" and not necessarily buildings. I see buildings everyday, so therefore they are boring. I want something that is new of different and interesting, which I find in things I do not know or can not see. i.e. black holes, subatomic levels, planets, stars.
    But still the physics around them.

    And since this subject interests me, I'm going to take physics in university no matter what, even if I don't like engineering or whatever, just because it's, in my opinion, good knowledge to know.
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