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Homework Help: Work and potential in an electric field

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    any help would be appreciated

    A particle with a charge of +5.80 nC is in a uniform electric field E directed to the left. It is released from rest and moves to the left. After it has moved 6.00 cm, its kinetic energy is found to be +1.00 x 10^-6 J.

    (a) What work was done by the electric force?
    got this right

    (b) What is the potential of the starting point with respect to the endpoint?
    _________ V

    (c) What is the magnitude of E?
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    This might help you:
    for uniform electric field: ∆V=E∙∆x
    (W = word done, q = charge)
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    thank you very much that was exactly what i needed.
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