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Working of Solar charger circuit

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    Hello everyone !
    can you please tell me how this whole circuit is working ?
    specially these ones,

    1.whats happening at LM317's pins(in adjust and out) ?
    2. whats the purpose of zener here?
    3. purpose of transistor nd how is it working ?

    last question!
    how much time it will take to charge that 6v(4.5Ah) battery if we use 12v(3watt) solar panel?

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    The homework sub-forum is the correct place for posting this question (or rather, these 4 questions).
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    LOL :D its not homework
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    as far as i know to calculate output of lm 317 we use this equation
    vout= 1.25*(1+R2/R1)
    and in my case vout is 8.194v.
    please tell me what about about the incoming voltage? why dont we consider that volatge in this equation? what if my inut volatage is around 8 volts? what would happen then?
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    Look on the datasheet for the minimum input-output differential voltage specification (sometimes called the "dropout" voltage).
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