Worm gears and wheels

  1. This is my first post
    Sorry that it has to be such a stupid question...

    How does one draw a worm gear along with its worm wheel?
    I know that a worm gear is made up of a helix but I sure hope that I do not have to draw that! :yuck: Is there a much simpler representation?
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  3. Oh oh. I just realize that i should post this in the educational section. Im sorry!! Is there an administrator that can move this thread there?
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    How detailed do you need it to be? For my rough sketches on paper, I just draw a rectangle with diagonal lines across it, and a spiky circle.
    If you mean, 'what does one look like', here's a picture. The Mentors might have to delete it, though, because it's from www.howstuffworks.com and I don't have permission to use it.
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  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I think i wasn't specific enough.
    I do graphics and design at school and I am designing a device that includes the worm gear. I know what the gear looks like but I need to know the visual representation of it since I have to draw some formal instrumental of the machine.
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    Your best approach would probably be to check a book on Engineering Draughting out of the library and see how they do it. If I have time, I'll draw one up in Illustrator for you. It might not be until after I get home from work around 8:30 tonight (since I don't know what time zone you're in, that's in a little over 12 hours). I'll try to start before I leave for work.
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  8. Thanks. Yeah I saw those before when I searched but I thought they were just illustrations. I had hoped that there was a shortcut way...seems like i have to stop being lazy and 'just do it' :frown:

    Once again, thanks for the help. :smile:
    I'm not :confused: anymore.
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    Well, there's still a lazy approach possible. You might be able to find what you want in a clip-art library somewhere and just import it to your art file. I don't have a clue where that would be, though. My Corel Gallery 2 doesn't have one. Try an on-line clip-art search.
  10. Cool. I'll get to it.
  11. worm drive gears

    hi there,,,,,first post, hope this helps, if you can get hold of an autocad program, mechanical desktop is best for this, you will find drop in Pic Files of practically any type of gear design and assembly. If you dont find what you need, just grab a file of a single helical (bevel) gear wheel, and a file of a spiral helical (bevel worm), drop them onto your page and scale them to suit each other, then you can chose to show them as solids, wire style etc.
    Hope this helps
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