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Wormholes and Collisions

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    Question: If one creates a wormhole (theoretically has a space/hyper drive) and one is going from point A to point B, and there is a moon or planet in the way, intersecting the path....

    What might happen? Is a wormhole out of space/time of this dimension and thus the craft would pass through the planetary object like a cloud and a plane, or would the wormhole 'end' at the obstacle?

    And.... (sorry) If the craft collides with the object (planetary body), what might happen? Just a splat or would the craft, with high velocity and mass figuring in, actually penetrate far deep into the small world, like perhaps even 1/3rd of the diameter of such a world?

    Many thanks for any idea's on this. My thoughts are that one would 'hit' the object if you were using a propulsion system that can use Negative Gravity which would be similar (from what I hear) to a wormhole.

    This is hypothetical in that one 'has' such a vehicle and one 'can' achieve speeds far greater then lightspeed.


    (working on a book)
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    Since wormholes are a mathematical artifact that are not thought to be real in any meaningful sense, your question doesn't have an answer. "Hyperdrive" is sci-fi fantasy.
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    High speed objects and collisions

    Hey all,

    What if an object (lets say the size of a ship/frigate) is going at a speed that is close to light and it runs into a moon or small planet (like Mars or Earth). What would happen?

    The velocity and mass of that object is already pretty high. Would it simply impact on the surface or would it shoot far into the surface, perhaps 100 feet or more?
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    If the energy is not too big, it would create a huge explosion and a very deep hole in the surface.
    If the energy is sufficient, it would penetrate the moon or planet, and create a stream of hot plasma exiting at the other side.
    With even more energy, you can blow apart the whole planet.

    Randall Munroe analyzed that at xkcd: What if?
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