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Wormholes expeling particles at superluminal speeds

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    Probably a crazy idea but perhaps possible, so let me ask...

    GR doesn't prevent particles, even those with mass, to travel at speeds higher than the maximal speed of light (C), if that was their initial speed.

    Now, the only thing traveling faster than C is expansion of our Universe.

    First, are there also particles 'riding' that wavefront?

    Second, if so, what if one end of a wormhole would appear in that region and the other somewhere inside the Universe, might it be possible that the particle riding that wavefront at speeds exceeding C enters that wormhole and then exits it inside Universe, perhaps even near Earth, and keep that speed?

    Third, would such a particle 'experience' (not in regard of itself, but in regard of Universe) traveling backwards in time ending in a Big Bang, while time still goes forward for the rest of Universe?
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    I believe the wavefront of the universe is the gravitational field of the universe's total mass. So therefore it might be gravitons or so. But I am happy if someone would correct me.

    No. The universe travels faster than c from our perspective but if you were on the "edge", it would be below c. So speed depends on the position in space and at no point in universe you can exceed the speed c. This might have to do with the quantum changes in materia and how "long" it takes to change energy states within that materia.

    Again, I would be happy if anyone would correct me.

    I think what you are talking about is material with antigravity. I that case you could build a wormwhole in spacetime, and, as universe expands on any place, you could fold it in a way that you travel backwards in time.

    Again, I'd be happy for corrections/clarifications.
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    RE: whole thread: NO.
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    we really need a 'like' button.....
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    Heh, that would polarize things here even more. :wink:
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