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Wormholes through wormholes

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    could a microscopic wormhole, say the mass of a few molecules, pass through a macroscopic wormhole of a few kilometers diameter without causing the throat of the wormhole to collapse? been pondering a technically FTL communication idea but not exactly sure how wormholes moving through wormholes works. I know that an object passing through the wormhole with greater mass than the wormhole would collapse it, but does the smaller mass allow a smaller wormhole to jump through another one? Does this create some sort of instability or paradox?
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    Wormholes at the point are purely theoretical, and you're asking about them as if they were real observed phenomena. It's kind of like asking "what does a dragon sound like when it cries"? Who knows?

    If I recall correctly, though, an Einstein-Rosen type worm-hole necessarily collapses before travel through it can be achieved. Something with the metric ways it's absolutely impossible to travel through before it pinches off. There may be other types of theoretical worm holes...or something...I don't know...
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    ERB would require theoretical negative energies to hold the throat open, or not even a neutrino could journey. There is Hawking's theory that any such "machine" would explode upon activation as well, with multiple transits of particles reaching arbitrarily high energies.
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