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Would like some advice becoming more employable for power industry

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    Hello /r/ece. I am going to begin my last year of university in the upcoming month, but I feel like I am not quite employable for power yet. I haven't done terribly well during my first year and I've repeated my second year, so my GPA isn't that great either. I've had a few internships to show off on my resume, but none of them were related to power. Here are some questions I have in mind.

    1. What would be common skillsets power companies look for from a recent electrical grad?
    2. What would be advanced skillsets power companies look for from a recent electrical grad?
    3. Is there a way for me to make up for the lack of power related experience power industry often requires? I guess I'm hoping to look for something I could do on my own.

    Thank you.
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    Note: This is Physics Forums, not reddit :).

    I don't work in the power industry but I know many that do. The best advice I can give you is to get involved with your local IEEE PES (power and energy society). They have societies in almost every major city. Go to their meetings, volunteer to help at events, and create some relationships.
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