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Writing essays using Lyx: Where is the mac version gone?

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    Writing essays using Lyx: Where is the mac version gone?!?!

    Dear PFers,

    Im a young-old-time-Latex user and I always use Lyx when doing simple reports like Laboratory reports (as a good and stable GUI). Ever once in a while, I format all my electronic devices (and i mean all of them, even the toaster!) and reinstall all their OS. Now I have backup of everything.....except Lyx for Mac. I have no idea how, but I do have backup of MikTex and Latex for Mac but not lyx itself.

    After searching for it, it seems that the FTP server which lyx's website uses is down (only the MAC version, not the others) and I have no way of getting it! I already tried filehippo, Cnet and MACupdate but they all redirect me to that FTP site!

    Anyone knows a working link to download Lyx for Mac?

    Its hard to stay at home on my desktop and write stuff, I'm a sit-in-a-cafe-and-do-math guy :D

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    I googled 'Lyx for Mac' and found that it can be downloaded from the download page of lyx.org here:



    If that doesn't work for you then it's something on your end because I'm downloading the software right now to check it out.
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    Thanks for the reply. To be honest I'm note sure how it never occurred to me to turn my VPN software off and download it form the website again!

    Sorry for the bother. Sadly without the VPN (in China) its gonna take me 2-3 hours to download a relatively small 100MB file :)
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