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Homework Help: Writing with Numbers

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    How do you all make your numbers look so nice with a horizonatal line between the fraction? I tried inserting some from copy and paste and it lost all the subscripts. Is there a way to do this on a computer without saving capabilities?
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    If you want to format a fraction, type in [ tex ]\frac{1}{2}[ /tex ], without the spaces, of course.

    This ends up looking like [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex].
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    I was looking at the tutorial and it seemed that sometimes next to the tex it used forward slash and sometimes it used back slash. Does it make a difference?

    I am just trying some stuff here:
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    I wrote the following without the space
    [ tex]\int\int\frac{G\lambdaY}{\sqrt[3]{Y^2+(x-r)^2}}dx\lamda\dr[/tex]

    this was the command I typed in trying to get if I is the integral sign
    I I [G*(m/L)*Y/(Y^2+(x-r)^2)^(3/2)*dx*m/L*dr

    I guess that is a long math sentence to start with but I don't see the error but the commands (backward slashes \) within themselves seem to mess up. I don't if it is possible to change the tutorial but it use both the forward and backward slash in [ /tex] and there seems to be an extra slash in the fraction command.

    Here is what was produced from my latex entry:
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