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Xilinx VC18V00

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    Hi all,
    I'm new to the forum and would like to say hi to everyone.
    I'm currently working on a personal project that is as follow: I have a spartan-II FPGA that's already placed down on to a board by Digilent. This board does not come with a configuration prom. My goal is to add a prom to it. I have done some reading and found out that the VC18V02VQ44c is the one I'm going to use. I will use JTag to program the prom and then use Master Serial to configure my FPGA. The circuitry shows that I only need the 4 JTag pins, and then the 4 different pins for the serial connection. This seems way too simple. I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with this stuff and there is anything I should watch out for.

    Thank you

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    It's probably 20 years since I did FPGAs with configuration proms.
    As I recall it was fairly simple to hook one up.
    Doubt it has gotten more complex.

    Err, well except for the programming :smile:

    Welcome to PF
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