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Yet another physics-related website

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    I'm a college student pursuing a degree in physics, with an interest in computational physics. I got a web site where I figured I'd make simulations and publish them so that those with an interest in physics could play around with them and learn a bit.

    Unfortunately, my simulations aren't quite as exciting as I expected. I've made two simulations -- one simulating the n-body problem, and one simulating a Bose-Einstein Condensate. They're useful for my research, but the general public wouldn't be interested in seeing a big text file full of coordinates...

    Now, I'm stuck with a website which I'm not currently using. Since I've already paid for hosting, domain name, etc. I'm trying to think of ideas of what to put on my website -- but I'm not sure what.

    Does anyone have any ideas what I can do with my website? Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish there was a physics-related website about _____?"

    Any ideas are welcome! Thanks :smile:.
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    On how great PF is? no? oh well, I tried :)
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    Use http://www.vpython.org to turn those coordinates into interactive 3D graphics.
    Check out the http://www.vpython.org/contributed.html [Broken] page :wink:
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    You could make it a personal academic/physics blog until you finally decide what to do with it. Use it to think out loud.
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    Thanks everyone for the ideas :). I like the blogging idea... in the meantime, I'll try to make my simulations more "interesting".
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