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You have - the best site !

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    www.physicsforums.com - Great site

    I like your site - www.physicsforums.com .
    Thank for your work for us!
    I think it wasnt easy to post here so much information.


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    It is a great site! I think many of us wish there were more like it.
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    Now, since the discussion went to the moderation again, I could ask one thing. Do you mentors and administrators, before taking action, find out the age of the person who is violating rules? I think it is important. You should be more tolerant to teenagers who are coming up with their own theories, than to adults.

    EDIT: Haha. It seems the discussion didn't go into the moderation again, because the previous post just got deleted :)
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    I'm sure you can already guess how futile that would be. How does one verify the age in the first place? For all you know, I could be 12 years old and masquerading as a curmudgeon 45 year-old.

    Secondly, I don't think we have to "dumb-down" the requirement that everyone should abide by the rules. In fact, in my personal opinion, the dumbing down of almost everything, from our standards to the quality of the source of information that we get, is the source of many of the problems that we face as a society. So to give a set of rules for "teenagers" and another for adults not only is an insult to the teens, but it also gives some of them the idea that they can get away with things. At some point, even these kids need to understand that their actions have consequences.

    Having said that, we DO evaluate "incidents" on a case-by-case basis whenever it is appropriate.

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    Thanks, Great Great Forum.

    Hi, I'm a New member, I stumbled across this site randomly from Google looking for an Alternative Symbol apart from Delta (triangle) to symbolize Change.
    This is because that symbol in Physics is already taken as the one for Pressure.
    Although I didn't understand the information in the Thread I found, I had realized this site is full of Valuable information, that I need.

    I unfortunately I changed my mind about a Degree, to take BSc ICT, oh well **** it I say, I have a year out doing Physics Intermediate and Pure Maths A level.
    Hope I don't change my mind to do Engineering, I need Physics at Advanced for that!

    Peace & thanks again.
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