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Your Definition Of An Earth-Like Planet?

  1. Mar 26, 2005 #1
    Would it be just a terrestrial planet with a similar amount of water and oxygen as Earth? and of course similar distance from the sun or would it have to really resemble Earth?

    The former one I dont think would be all that rare but the latter one would really really be rare, exceedingly rare.
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    What is the current consensus on Earth-like planets now?

    Abundant? common? alot? some? fraction? rare?
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    Huh, thats something to think about. Terrestrial means of or realting to or composed of land as well as biology; living or growing on land; not aquadic. So it might not be a terrestrial plant it if just has water and oxygen the way Earth does. It would need to have some form of life on it to be considered a terrestrial. Anything that moved there would be extraterrestrial since it did not originate on the plant.

    Humans are terrestrials to Earth. However there are some humans I'm not so sure about.:wink:
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