Your favorite original, pet physics theory

  1. C'mon, all of you have invented physics at one time or another! Please outline that most Nobel physics achievement of yours - innovative, simple and predictive.
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    Well, first off let me say that if you're going to start a topic like this, you should have gone first. C'mon, let's hear yours

    I have two, myself, but one is about solar system formation and would be better suited to astronomy than physics. So I'll go with the great "old standby" for scientific speculation in the field physics; the cause of gravity.

    GR gives us a good idea as to what gravity is, but does not explain the cause of it. I think the clue to this cause can be found in Quantum entanglement. If we envision the particles involved as being hyperdimensional entities (possessing more than the normal 4-D), then we could see how they are capable of being connected across these extra dimensions. I use the following Flatland-style annalogy to describe it.

    Picture a clear container with water in it. If you place this container on an overhead projector, the image projected will serve as our 2-D representation of the 3-D universe. Now take a semi-rigid string (guitar string, perhaps) held by the ends with a lot of slack, so it sags in the middle. Lower it untill it comes into contact with the water, and a point appears. This could be the event we refer to as a particle. Continue to lower it, and the single point becomes two. These two are connected, and cannot be affected individually. Twirl the string between your fingers, and both points will spin. Reverse the direction, and both reverse. And because the change does not travell across the surface of the water, it does not need to obey the rules of information transfer across water. This is why entangled particles can exchange information instantaneously like they do. Because the information travells through no space (no time).

    In using this annalogy I noticed an oddity; the curvature fo the water's surface where the string punctures the surface. This to me suggests a cause for the curvature of space around particles with mass. These "particles" may be the points where extradimensional objects puncture our spacetime, causing a dent. And it is that dent that is the curvature of spacetime we call gravity.
  4. My favorite? Let me quote from my website,
  5. Well, I can't think of any pet theories worth mentioning (off hand), but I swear to you that I conceived of the idea of both photonic bandgap networks and microfabricated photomultiplier tubes long before they were ever invented. I sh:t you not.

  6. Lurch, that one is pretty cool! Very ponderable. I've got one, probably more along the lines of LB's, just from analyzing the equation H = dr/rdt (what's with the Hubble constant for generating all kinds of crackpot theories, eh!?). So anyway, if these equations are non-instantaneous and simultaneously true: r = c/t; H = v/ro, then analyzing H = dr/rdt for r gives
    r = roeHt
    which gives instantaneous scale factor r with initial scale factor ro.
    if u = dr/dt then u = HroeHt (subst ht=v/c) u=vev/c (where v= measured redshift velocity)
    you can go on through newtonian mechanical definitions:
    p = mu = mHroeHt -> p(v)=mvev/c
    F = ma = mH2roeHt --> F(r)=mHr2eHr/c
    Finally if you use the definitions KE = [int]p(v)dv and PE = [int]F(r)dr
    you can find that with boundary conditions v=c, v=0; r=c/H, r=0, KE=PE=mc2
    which seems weird, that the energy stored in "space" (the energy required to accelerate matter to the edge of the universe) is equal to the total internal energy of the mass m.
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  7. My newest crackpot pet theory is that a Bose-Einstein condensate can be used as an antigravity device, becuase when the atoms are super cooled they seem to form the makings of one giant atom moving very slowly and taking on tremendous electromagnetic and nuclear forces, enough to nearly stop light, and so that atom's polarity(assuming it forms one) might be aligned somehow counter the polarity of the Earth's magnetic field and result in levitation or antigravity. If it can slow light to a crawl, it seems a matter of time and effort before they can use it to do all kinds of crazy science fiction type things, or maybe it could create a miniature black hole, well now that's kind of scary, what if black holes were formed by expirimenters of condensates on other far away planets who took it a step too far.
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    Not really a theory but a wild and wooly what if:
    Suppose that some version of the Many Worlds is correct and that the boundaries between parallel universes are not well defined. I think this could explain the famous one-missing-sock-in-the-washer paradox!
    Some reality exists out there that contains many unpaired socks.:wink:

    Imagine what this would mean for democratic elections!
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    Jammieg, Are you the one who posted the experiment idea which involved enclosing a lead ball in He4 and measuring for any change in wieght when the temp is dropped low enough to form a BEC? That is one of my favorite ideas in this site.

    Ivan, I'm more concerned about the possibility that quantum computers may someday be used to tally the Fla. votes; every balot will be both "Yes" and "No"!
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    Oh yea, I've also come up with the idea that whenever the magnetic poles of the Earth are destabalised enough to be ready to "flip" (reach critical instability), the reversal is triggered by the next Solar Max. I've not heard that mentioned by anyone else, so I might be the only one to think of it, though that seems unlikely.
  11. Well, when I was just about 9 or 8, I had an idea that parallel universes might exist. Of course, I didn't call them parallel universes (I didn't name them). Anyhow, I believed that the universe was like the center of an atom. There were opposite universes; negative and positive. So these universes would all be 'stuck' together. One universe would have different events, another that would be exactly the same, and another that would be completely the different. These would be the positive universe cluster.
    The negative universe cluster would be negatively charged, thus chaotic. So, I concluded that the whole "center of the atom" must be a kind of nuclear atom.
    I dismissed it as an absurd idea, and returned to my studies. Wierd though.
    This one's more of a philosophy one I came up with around the same time as the aforementined one:
    And there's my idea that we were all different people and ourselves at the same time. We are actually someone elses imaginations. This someone else would be asleep. I thought this would explain my feeling of unreality; when something amazing happens, you're inclined to feel like its unreal. This theory explained it. Anyway, I thought that it explained de ja vou. Things that happened "twice" could be results of chemical reactions in the brain that occur at exactly the same vibration.

    Totally far out, huh?!
  12. why would that be?
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    It seems they already do. :wink:
  14. Lurch, I didn't come up with that one, that's the work of a sane man- not my style. Here's another one though:
    How about a device that could amplify and focus electromagnetic waves like a device that amplifies and focuses light to form a laser... Such a device might be able to split atoms with enough precision and power, maybe this could be used for fission, I don't believe in fusion that takes energy.

    ....I must have been smoking something here....
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    Only because the Earth's magnetic field is embedded within the Sun's. Both appear to change polarity on occasion (the Sun's has been observed, Earth's has only been deduced), but the Sun is on an 11-yr cycle, while the time period for Earth's polar reversal appears to be a couple hundred-thousand years (on average).

    Using the Sun as a model, I imagine the Earth's poles gradually growing more and more unstable, then switching suddenly (in geological terms). If this is the case, then it would seem that there would be a point at which the Earth's field has "crossed the threshold", and become unstable enough to reverse. When the Earth's magnetic field is at or very near this point, the Sun's polarity could have enough effect to make the difference.
  16. I wonder if there is a relationship between the Sun's poles and the Earth's and other planets... They seem to line up to the point of saturn, like giant compass needles they seem to influence each other in this way.
  17. My favourite? Gene Ray and his Timecube crap:

    A nifty quote from that page:
  18. Oh heck, I'm going to quote more of it. He's so funny.

  19. Lurch:
    apparently the magnetic field lines wrap around the sun as it differentially rotates. At some point after 11 years the field collapses and re-establishes itself, opposite polarity. You're right that this ought to put force on the earth;s moving charged particles. But I wonder, does the earth's crust create a Gaussian surface that would shield electric charges from the outside? Interesting.
  20. The time cube theory is way the hell out there, I'm not impressed by someone who tries to support their argument by demeaning others.
    There could be a lot of variables to explain the Earth's magnetic pole flips, but my guess is the main variable is connected to the Sun's polarity, it might even be found that Mars's polarity flipped just about when Earth's flipped, maybe the whole solar system is set up for maximum polarity orientation.
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