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Your one talent

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    Some people are just plain extraordinary, beyond gifted regarding a particular level of talent...naturals. If you had one talent, if you could be distinguished in one thing....what would it be? That is which of the following would you choose to be extraodinary so much as that you would be completely satisfied with possessing such an ability, in and of itself.

    -piano prodigy, being able to play beautiful, masterful, magical piano pieces as well as being able to spontaneously compose a piece

    -an extraordinary mathematical/logical talent

    -other scientific talent

    -athletic ability, e.g. "absolutely incredible" AI, Allen Iverson, dazzling fans

    -Incredible writing talent

    -other musical talent

    or any others if you care to add

    I think that I would pick the piano category
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    I have a talent!? :surprised
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    Math Is Hard

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    I would love to have a beautiful singing voice.
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    i have no talent
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    being talented can suck you know. once people realize that you can do things very very well, are very smart, well they raise their expectations. Im a very talented horse back rider. I have coaches that want me to compete like mad, and push my own and my horses limits. I just want to ride. I love to ride. I dont want to compete. its a constant battle with my coaches. luckily I have good parents who dont push me. I cant imagine dealing with pressure from parents.
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    I think I'd enjoy being a talented writer. Someone who could write wonderful novels that people just can't put down as they get lost in a fictional world.
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    I'd really like to be able to read people well though...I mean really read their thoughts, be able to tell all about them after a 5 minute discussion...

    Heck while I'm at it we can go about our own talents... I'm not sure if this qualifies as a talent, but I'm very good at video games.

    Any game I've ever played, if you give me a little time and practice, I always become one of the best players of that game there are...for instance AOE II and Tribes 2, I'm nearly unbeatable in both of those games...

    I've also got a rather quick reaction time, I've found that out while doing fake sword fights and what-not with friends.

    But as far as any "real" :redface: talents...not sure...I'm smart, but I haven't found my niche yet. I'm pretty good at computers but then again that's just knowledge, not a natural inclination, or "talent".
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    I see logic-math talent as the only real form of intelligence--the highest-level intelligence for which all other intelligences are mere skills. So, for that and other reasons (what you could do with such a talent), that would be my choice.
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    Sure, some people might want to be able to play the piano or write a novel... but these are recreational talents. They might be pleasant, but they wouldn't change your life as much as logic-math talent could do.

    Actually, if it were an option, I would take mystical insight as my talent. It doesn't get any better than that.
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    so can we define talent as a skill within the naturally possible domain that is also shared with a set of other people with same or more talents?

    Kind of makes the whole question pointless - if you can achieve it, it wont be called talent - it would be called skill. If you cant achieve it, then I'd call it a supernatural ability - which is not in the domain of talent.
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    .... I seem to have a knack for musical instruments?
  13. Jul 10, 2005 #12
    I love music and literature. I love to read and as much to write. I used to write plays, short articles and poems. Its all gone now though, my creative skills have died since one quite tragic incident. Maybe i will be inspired again in the future :-/.

    -- AI
    P.S->I like to argue on many philosophical topics but i came to know that this talent is widely known as "philotrolling" (something like philately?) so i started to curb this talent of mine :p
  14. Jul 10, 2005 #13


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    I could see a physical v. intellectual distinction, or maybe a creation v. performance distinction. What do you mean by recreational or pleasant talents? Recreational v. professional? Pleasant v. miserable?
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    How are Piano and Writing more recreational and less professional than Logic-Math?
  16. Jul 10, 2005 #15
    I dont have any talent! T.T

    But my mom sure has one. Sleep....
  17. Jul 10, 2005 #16


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    Getting into trouble - especially when I was a kid, then a teenager. :biggrin:

    Summertime was especially difficult. Fortunately I had summer programs at university, but there was usually a couple of weeks where I would stumble upon an opportunity to do something really stupid and . . . . my folks were not amused. :biggrin:
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    There are some good stories stories here, I can tell!

    You know the rules! Sharey sharey!
  19. Jul 10, 2005 #18
    I have a talent- I generally disagree with people.

  20. Jul 10, 2005 #19


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    Hey I know some of your talents:
    1.good at telling lies!
    2.good at praising yourself(this requires your first talent)!
    3.levelheaded in difficult situation like losing your cat... :wink:
  21. Jul 10, 2005 #20


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    Exactly, Dr wetblancket! :surprised
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