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Zeeman Effect with a matrix involved

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    Please refer to picture (1). This the equation of motion for an electron in a magnetic field along the z direction and moving with a certain velocity. Where Ω is the Larmor's frequency.
    Then refer to picture (2), that is the matrix representing the previous equation. How was this matrix arranged. I didn't understand a thing.

    Any help is much appreciated.
    Please excuse me for the bad resolution of the images.

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    I think this is done by assuming that each component of r is of the form exp(i*omega*x). Then you put that in the first equation and work out what the equations are for each component and rewrite it in matrix form.
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    Yes, that's true, your assumption is written also.. Can you please elaborate more?
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    Do you have a more specific question? You should be able to work it out yourself to get the result.
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