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Solve the trig

by hayowazzup
Tags: solve, trig
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Jun6-08, 03:20 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
1 = 121 sinθ *cosθ + 592.9 (cosēθ)

2. Relevant equations

3. The attempt at a solution

1= 60.5 * 2 *sin θ *cosθ + 592.9 (cosēθ)
1= 60.5 sin 2θ + 592.9 (cosēθ)
1-60.5 sin 2θ / cos θ cos θ= 592.9

am i doing it rite? i don't know what to do
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Jun6-08, 03:22 AM
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Use [tex] sin^2 + cos^2 =1 [/tex]
Jun6-08, 04:01 AM
P: 64
but i don't know how to get rid of sin θ *cosθ

Jun6-08, 08:20 AM
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Solve the trig

You wrote sin(theta)*cos(theta) in terms of sin(2*theta). Write cos(theta)^2 in terms of cos(2*theta).

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