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    Best Songs Ever

    Possibly the best song I have ever heard... Speed of Light [Geoffrey Whiteman Remix] - Bas & Ram Another one of my all time favs... Purple Moon - Darksucker
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    General Car Discussion

    The first car that I owned was a 1989 Trans Am GTA. 305 TPI, 5-speed. Gunmetal Gray, 47,625 miles. Sorta rare actually. Paid for it with my own money when I was 14. Recently sold it (17 now). It was time for something new... and a little bit faster... looking to get into a 2000-2002 Trans Am...
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    Am i good enough to get into u of mich.?

    I got into the college of engineering... GPA: 3.5 (Unweighted) ACT: 30 (Math: 32, Sci: 34) SAT: N/A 2 AP classes this year, Physics & Chem. No other APs. I'm in state. Working part-time for 4 years. Competed in sports outside of school. No other extra-curriculars. Hopefully that was...
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    Post your Fall 2009 Schedule!

    Fall 2009 (Senior year of highschool) 1. AP Physics B 2. CAD 1 3. Weight Training 4. Honors Pre Calc 5. Missing Class :D (I will have to get this fixed though...) 6. AP Chemistry 7. Engineering Concepts and Design 2
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    Can you pass the smile test?

    I didn't smile at any of them.
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    How many languages can you speak?

    Just like the title says, how many languages can you speak? Actually fluent in, not counting bits and pieces. 1,2,3 or more? Post which ones if you want. I myself am only fluent in one. :( Hopefully before I die I can make it two or more. lol. I want to learn czech and german (I'm 25% of...
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    Programs Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering for major?

    Thanks for the reply. :D Sorry if that last question wasn't clear, but that is what I meant. I was interested in how much of what I learn could be applied to the design/build of a F1 or other race car. What you suggested sounded pretty good, do you think doing that would be better than...
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    Programs Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering for major?

    Hey everyone, I have another question for you. :D Right now I am going into my senior year of high school, and I was wondering if I should get my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or aerospace. Eventually I want to work for a Formula 1 team as an aerodynamicist. I plan on getting a...
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    Courses Which course should I take?

    Thanks for the replies. :D I was leaning towards taking precalc over the summer and Physics C, so I think that is what I am going to do. The physics teacher said that he would help me with the math if I had any trouble, even after taking precalc (however I don't anticipate having any problems...
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    Courses Which course should I take?

    Hi everyone, I am a junior in high school and I am having a little trouble deciding which class I should take next year (AP Physics B vs. AP Physics C). I want to major in engineering (aerospace) when I got to college. Right now I am in Honors Algebra II, and to take AP Physics C (which is the...