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    ME Looking to transition to EE, Go for BS or MS?

    I passed the FE years ago. I'm more interested in knowing if I should pursue a BSEE to get all the basics or an MSEE.
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    ME Looking to transition to EE, Go for BS or MS?

    I'm not so sure I'm authorized to take the electrical engineering P.E. without spending any portion of my career working in the electrical engineering field. I'm looking for a degree that will allow me to me marketable and transition into the field.
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    ME Looking to transition to EE, Go for BS or MS?

    I've been working as an ME for approximately 3 years and I'm not enjoying what I'm doing as much as I'd have hoped. I'm currently completing an MS in ME Control Systems, which I absolutely love (2 courses from completion). During my MS coursework I've taken a lot of EE courses on electric...
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    Help identifying a part (if anything like these even exists!)

    It's definitely an item that has been used in design. Where you're going to find one is another question. I know that design is used on the old M60/M240 machine gun tripods to make them collapsible.
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    Engineering jobs (What do you do for work?)

    A major part of my job is reviewing test reports from environmental tests conducted by vendors for the US government. I just sit and read other people's work. I do a lot of acquisition type stuff with occasional dabbling in cooling system analysis and design work. The major design work of my...
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    Heat Transfer clarification of a problem

    Homework Statement We're currently studying steady state one dimensional conduction heat transfer. We've touched on some surface convection, resistances in layers and fins. I don't think I'll have much issue with this problem once I find this out: What is a thermal driving force?
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    Programs Beginning an engineering degree 2

    I'm a mechanical engineering senior, started school after a 6 year break in education. Some trig and calculus should do you fine. However, with that said, you really shouldn't stress it, you will be taught everything you need to know, and the beginning of every course holds your hand through...
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    Breaking (locking wheels)

    Friction is the normal force times the coefficient of friction. The coefficient of static friction is always higher than the coefficient of kinetic friction (moving). You can witness this by pushing a large block. It takes more force to get it moving than to keep it moving once it's going.
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    Thermodynamics: Piston-Cylinder

    Just as a heads up, the finished integral for work for a polytropic process turns out to be pretty simple. for p(v^n)=c P=pressure v=specific volume W/m=(P2v2-P1v1)/(1-n)
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    Thermodynamics: Control Volume analysis using energy

    You know what, based on the information given, I would let velocity drop out as well. In a basic thermo class most prevalent place you're going to see velocity -not- being negligible is in nozzle and diffuser problems, or where it is expressively given to you in the problem statement.
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    Thermodynamics: Control Volume analysis using energy

    I would treat this as a steady state problem. Meaning your mass flow rate in is going to equal your mass flow rate out. and de/dt is zero. Since we're not given any sorts of elevation, the potential energy will be drop out. No work is happening, so W will also drop out. You will be...
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    Heat exchanger calculation

    Well, if you look at it from a first law perspective for one of the streams. Q=m(h(out)-h(in)) If you decrease m, regardless of the factors of h, Q will decrease.
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    Courses Is it bad to take easy courses to raise my GPA?

    You'd most likely get more bang for your buck by retaking some of the courses you did poorly in previously, if you can handle it. You probably have almost all your general credits already filled, now would be a good time, as the above poster stated, to take some classes you are interested in...
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    Confused ! Engineering Vc physics

    Perhaps you should try a different field of engineering. Not sure if civil is different in England but the US, but here it concentrates on structures. Try taking a look at mechanical engineering and focus on heat/work exchange/transfer. Perhaps Nuclear engineering (though jobs in that field...