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    Python Bad form not to use functions in Python?

    I have a 100 line code which is liable to increase, so far I have not included any user defined functions, so it is one stream of code. In c I was taught to put everything I could into functions, is this the case in python i.e. would I be frowned upon for not using functions? Many thanks.
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    Ideas for a physics based c program?

    I want to write a physics based c program but can't decide what to do it on any ideas?
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    A batch converter from .fits to .txt.

    Thank you for your help but the program was a GUI. Thankfully I have managed a workaround.
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    A batch converter from .fits to .txt.

    I am looking to convert a few thousand .fits files to .txt, I have used fv viewer. This however can only convert one at a time, does anyone know of a batch converter for .fits to .txt. Thank you in advance for your help.